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The Tech Science Press is excited to announce Prof. Jun Yang as the new Editor-in-Chief of Sound & Vibration Magazine, and Prof. Yan Gao as its Executive Editor, both commencing May 8, 2018.

To find out more background information about Prof. Yang and Prof. Gao, please click here.

If you would like to have your work be considered for publication in the upcoming issues of the refreshed and expanded S&V, you are strongly encouraged to familiarize yourself with our online submission system, and submit your manuscript as you deem it is ready. Please email your queries to

There is a new policy in force that all the archived technical articles of S&V are now free for everyone to read and download. In addition to fulfil its publishing mission, the S&V will continue to help promote reputed commercial products and services through advertisements appearing in specific issues of S&V and S&V web site. It is our sincere hope that S&V subscribers will not only receive the latest news and technological advancements in the industry in real time, as they had in the past, but equally important, they will also be exposed to timely, high quality academia research.